Lead The Way

An Aboriginal piece designed by Holly McLennan-Brown

 The Story Behind It:

This Piece is a representation of letting community and country lead your way. Emotionally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes vulnerability is our greatest strength. The idea of letting go of ourselves is something very powerful as it's not easy to do. As someone who is very private it's something i find very hard to do myself. The idea for this piece flourished from this concept, the concept of leaning on others. With themes of grounding, community and connecting with others, this piece is an encouragement to re asses sometimes. Let someone listen and take the pressure off of you. It is an encouragement to engage in new communities where you might find not only strength but enjoyment. For myself country is also an incredible place to expel. When you're sitting on country, one with everything around you, listening and engaging in the space. Taking time to lean on our country and breathe out/expelling the tension we hold is so healing.

 Reversible woven throw rug. Enjoy 2 in 1!!!
These throws Can be used as a beach blanket, picnic rug, set the mood on your bed or just to keep warm. 

We do try our best to represent the true colours in photos, but they may look slightly different in certain lighting. ‘front and back photos shown ‘

Size - XL - 230 x 180cm 

Material - 100% Recycled Cotton

Care - Cold gentle machine washable - Woven rugs have threads that can pull. Be careful with jewellery etc when folding your rug, so the threads don't catch or pull


Indigenous Throw Xlarge Lead The Way By Holly McLennan