Wide Flameless Candle

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If your plans are outdoors you have just hit the jackpot in illumination options and if the do is indoors you have come across the safest smoke free lighting option that adds a touch of romance and softness to all things around - here is a flameless candle that lights up in style without the dangers of an open flame.
Give the glow of real candlelight to your interiors with this stunningly natural look handcrafted candle. Crafted in a way that it resembles the best of wax made candles, it is the best means to add a touch of intimate lighting to your décor. The wax made candle glows from within and it is in this superb kind of look wherein lies the beauty of this style - subtle, glowing light that is an accent in itself. It is powered by a battery and the bulb is long lasting LED one that will continue to light up your evening for a long long time. The candle is a natural colour which makes it more believably like real candles. A pillar style candle that has a wavering edge adding to its rather authentic kind of look. The height of the candle is all of 10 cm while its diameter is also the same making its small presence with the right kind of impact.