Dried Floral Arrangement - 04

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Please Note - These are available in-store only! They are not available for shipping.All our Dried Flower Arrangements are handmade with love using selected dried flowers bought from a range of suppliers local and abroad. These stunning arrangements can add so much charm to your space, the hardest part is deciding where to put them as they can be used in so many ways... bedside, office desk, bathroom vanity, dining table, hall table, kitchen, guest room etc. 

They are not like fresh flowers where they soon die and need to be thrown out, they will last for a year or two if kept right, making them such great value for money and perfect gifts for friends and family. And have I mentioned you don't need to water them .....EVER!!!!

Care: Simply don't leave them in direct sunlight, a sunlit room is fine but just not sitting directly in the sun, keep away from direct air conditioner air flow and try keep out out. of humidity if possible. No need to water them.