Clam White/Silver Small

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White/Silver Small Clam

Size: Resin 

Material: 20x12.5x7.5cm

The colours like silver and white adds to its a dreamy look- as a little part of the ocean world has travelled into your home. Crafted from resin, the texture, the ridges, the shell colour, and the inner silvery opalesque look as to its amazing beauty. Adding accents such as this will make your decor assume it's true nature of being Ocean themed in every sense.
When creating the right kind of look according to anything, you need help from the perfect set of decor accent. Here is one sure to set your heart racing. Made from resin, given the perfect set of details that adds to its almost like a real feel, thus clamshell is a fine way to add details to your side look space. It will hold a place of pride on a console, side board, or a coffee table. The very look and the details in its design will tempt you to pick it up to feel it with your own fingers. Turn it upside down, place faux pearls sitting inside the silvery inner shell and you will draw in a great deal of attention. It is after all in these little statement pieces, the decors get their complete look. Add something special to the theme that you love so much