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Handmade Moroccan Cactus Silk Cover. Cover only. 

Our Collection of Beautiful Handmade Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushion Covers are sure to set the mood in any room. We are sure once you buy one you will be forever collecting more.

These cushions are hand made by our artisans in Morocco and are sun bleached on roof tops to give truly stunning colour-ways. Because each cover is handmade there can be slight variations in colours, sizes and some may have random little marks, different coloured stitching, etc. These are not faults, these are just part of the unique handmade beauty they hold.

Please note, this price is for the cover only. Inserts can be purchased in store or online separately. We have a much larger range to choose from in-store, so if you are local we highly recommend to come visit us in our Burleigh showroom to choose your selection.   

Colour: Sand 

Size:  Roughly 50cm x 50cm. Each cushion is hand-crafted and slight variations may occur in sizing, this does not make them faulty, just handmade with love. Cover only, inserts are an extra $15 for PET Insert or $25 for Feather Insert. These can be found on our website also. 

 Material: Cactus Silk. This natural plant-based silk is made by fibers found in Agave Cacti or Saharan Aloe Vera Cactuses. They are coloured using Vegetable dyes making them totally natural and vegan. 

Care: DRY CLEAN ONLY. Cactus silk is super sensitive to water and liquids. Please check with your dry cleaner that they are aware no water can be used or if they have experience with cleaning cactus silk prior. White Pick It Fence will not be held responsibr any damage made by the customer not following our care instructions. Please see our returns and exchange policy for more information. 

Many of our Moroccan products are handmade, vintage, and one-of a kind. Each piece varies in make, colour, design, size, and feature. We do our best to photograph the uniqueness of each item and provide adequate details. If you are looking for something specific, we recommend that you contact us directly so we may support you getting exactly what you are looking for and avoid exchange shipping fees.