Coconut Bowl Fern Green

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Coconut Bowl Fern - Can be used for hot and cold food, jewellery storage, key bowl, trinket bowl or simply for decorations

Size: 13x13x6cm approx

Material: Coconut/Mother of Pearl

Care: Hand wash only, not suitable for dishwashers 

Customers who wish to experience a tropical paradise will find Coco Bowl Fern fitting. This product is polished with coconut oil to accentuate its natural properties and finished with the "Mother of Pearl," a translucent ornament with incredible resilience. This is a subtle approach for beautification and also to prevent the coco but bowl from cracking or breaking.

Coco Fern Bowl is uniquely finished, handcrafted by skilled artisans from reclaimed coconuts. This masterpiece is a gift from Nature, a biodegradable and environmentally compatible alternative. It is a topical piece and adds a tropical ambience to one's dinner wares with minimal effort. Customers can accentuate their culinary wares with this durable product. It is handy as a smoothie bowl, vegan bowls, Buddha bowls, or used as a conversation piece to serve nuts, yoghurt, and fruits. The best part of buying this product is how customers can polish this coconut bowl with coconut oil to restore its natural lustre. This bowl is also beautiful on the nightstand to keep trinkets, jewellery pieces, and other small accessories.